Misused Youth

misused youth

Misused Youth

You want outspoken, you got outspoken here. Ella M., the owner of this blog, has no problem saying exactly what she thinks. You have to respect that. While I can’t see myself becoming a fan, the sometimes-caustic spin Ella takes, as well as her on-the-cynical-side humor, will appeal to many others, especially women, who are fed up with the double-sided, double-speaking, double-dealing world that so often asks too much out of us all.

Visual Aesthetics ? 7

Maybe it was my browser, but some of the text-background color combinations were really difficult to read ? namely, the light-blue against medium-gray. As one who spends most every day trying to read websites, I can say this was actually painful. Though the gray is rather appropriate to the site content, I’d prefer either a black page background or a little more color throughout the blog.

User Friendliness ? 8

Again, the blue-gray combination made this tough going. There’s also some harsh language, more than you expect with blogs even, but overall, once you get into it, it’s an easy blog to read and navigate. My biggest criticisms: spellcheck and then line edit everything (Catholic schoolgirls don’t wear “paid” skirts ? and glamourous?), and take a paragraph break more often just to visually break things up.

Reading Enjoyment ? 10

Okay, it’s not a blog I would seek out, but Ella has an engaging, if angry, writing style, and direct and specific choice of language that perfectly expresses her thoughts. She’s very funny, she knows what she’s talking about, and she has no hesitation in telling you. Her strong personality comes out in this blog, probably much more than it’s allowed to in real life. Other than aforementioned problems, I honestly enjoyed this blog.

Useful Info ? 8

Hmm. This isn’t a blog for useful info, really; it’s more a blog to read when you’re in the mood to be annoyed with the way the world works and need an excuse besides network news. But still, it includes some interesting tidbits I’d never heard of before, and I had to stop myself from exploring further.

Overall Experience ? 8

With an easier-to-read interface, I’d score Misused Youth higher. I would have skimmed right past this one due to the color choices, but I’m glad I didn’t. Overall, good blog.