Slacker Manager


Slacker Manager

It’s not easy to run a company, a department, or even a small team. You have to work with personalities, limited resources, impossible deadlines, and the constant threat of competition. How do you get it done, and still retain some of your sanity and a few hours of precious personal time? This blog has some great ideas.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Strong headlines announce the subject matter of the day, but don’t look for pictures. This blog is as no-nonsense as the manager that reads it. “Here’s the information” it seems to say, with all the crispness of a memo, “Now do something about it”.

User Friendliness – 7

The articles are very interesting and are edited for easy and quick reading (crucial for a busy executive who does not have time to wade through junk). However, the archives are sadly disorganized, making it frustrating for those who want to check on entries they have missed. There are no clearcut categories (e.g., time management, people management).

Reading Enjoyment – 9

The information is very useful, and follows a problem-solution approach that immediately makes you feel more in control of your day. There are also links to other websites directly imbedded into the text, just in case you want to read further on the topic.

Useful Info – 10

It tackles the wide range of issues and concerns that a manager will meet in any given work day, from demoralized employees to the importance of learning how to listen before you lead.

Overall Experience – 8

It already has very strong content; the only thing missing is more user-friendly features that will help people access the rich information it provides.

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