The Site Critic


Site Critic

Site Critic reaches professional web designers who want reviews, design ideas, and simple instructional articles to help them improve their craft. While it may be too technical for the casual blogger, it’s a good resource for both industry practitioners or anyone who wants to learn how to make a better website.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Well, this is a website about how to make better web design, and they clearly know what they’re talking about. Simple, clean layout that’s easy on the eyes and leads the eye to the information you’re looking for.

User Friendliness – 10

Fast download time, information is neatly organized for intuitive navigation, articles well archived for those who want to read up on a particular topic. What’s not to love?

Reading Enjoyment – 8

A technical topic like graphic design can be difficult to explain, but this website manages to do that. Information is broken into easily-digested chunks and illustrated with clear examples, plus a ratings system alerts you to the best articles (and the worst).

User Info – 10

Very, very useful site. The articles touch on all aspects of web site design, from layout to text to search engine optimization. There’s even a separate section for Web newbies who need more step-by-step guidance.

Overall Experience – 9

Bookmark. Now. And check frequently. It gives valuable advice, and without charging those membership fees required by some other websites.