Let’s Talk

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Let’s Talk

Let’s talk. When someone tells you that, you know you’re in for a very serious and straightforward conversation “no frills or run-arounds“- just honest discussion of something very important. And that’s what this political blog is about. It addresses important government and social issues from the perspective of “the regular Joe”. Let’s get rid of the rhetoric, this blog seems to say, “let’s talk…

Visual Aesthetics – 7

It’s a very basic design, as no-nonsense as its approach to politics. Unfortunately, it gets cluttered by the logos on the left side, and unpredictable font sizes and colors in some entries is visually jarring.

User Friendliness – 6

Clickable links help you jump to the most recent entries, and the others are archived by month. There are also links to articles and other sites, but these are buried in the bottom, and with no clear categories to clue you in on what information you can find there. Some links also have the same title, which can get pretty confusing.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

It’s honest, and has that street-sense that cuts through the rhetoric. However, some posts seem to end abruptly, and sometimes consist of just a few sentences following a long quote from the news of the day.

User Info – 7

It does present good quotes from various articles. This blogger is obviously very well-informed. Unfortunately, there are not that many links.

Overall Experience – 7

Interesting material, and certainly focuses on important issues. Sound opinions that deserve to be heard. Perhaps that’s why it can be a little disappointing when he doesn’t elaborate as much as he can. He has a lot to say- we wish he’d say more…..