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The Future of the Web

What is the Web, and what?s in store for its future? This concept has changed time and again in a span of a decade, from the time the World Wide Web came into existence in pop culture. What was before only the domain of military strategists and hardcore techies has now permeated into our everyday living. The Web is continuing to make the world a smaller place, with the various developments we see each day. And this is what Jesse Skinner, author of The Future of the Web brings to his readers in regular commentaries and opinionated pieces.

The phenomenon people like to call Web 2.0 is taking place?this means information is now decentralized, and the focus is on community and collaboration. And the focus on the Web today has moved from simply going online with a simple ?home page,? but various issues abound, including usability, accessibility, and other technologies used in Web design.

With this in view, Jesse advocates proper use of Web standards. You can trust this author to bring you the latest in Web technology without necessarily being too techie for the normal person to understand.

Visual Aesthetics ? 6

The blue-themed, three-column design is light and easy on the eyes, and readability is above average. The site looks quite plain, though, with the lack of interesting imagery nor other elements to catch the reader?s eye. I guess this is generally normal with technology-themed blogs, but since the author supposedly talks about design and usability, I expected something more attractive, design-wise.

User Friendliness ? 8

The site uses a stock theme designed for WordPress, which is in itself usable and user friendly enough. The site?s contrast level is good enough for readability, and navigation is easy, with links to the homepage, static pages, archives, and external sites prominently marked. This should be expected, as the author is an advocate of Web usability and accessibility.

Reading Enjoyment ? 7

This blog caters to those interested in learning about Web-related technologies and trends. So the site may not necessarily have a large fan base, especially among those not really into Web standards and coding. However, The Future of the Web would prove to be an above-average resource for people interested in learning more about the Web and Web standards.

Useful Info ? 9

The blog?s author has a good grasp of the concepts involved in Web standards and technologies. You won?t run out of interesting commentary, and of course, the standard set of tips, tricks, and advice on Web design and development.

Overall Experience ? 8

We?ve seen a lot of technology-oriented blogs that advocate the use of certain standards and methods. However, this is one of those blogs where the author has both a good grasp of the technology, and also above-average communication skills?so he is able to reach out to his intended audience quite effectively. The blog won?t win any design awards though. Still, it?s an interesting read worth bookmarking.