The Native Sentimental Maniac

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The Native Sentimental Maniac
A personal blog to the core, The Native Sentimental Maniac gives you a peek into the life of an English teacher in the city. Some of the insights he throws at his readers reflects his philosophical nature.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
The Native Sentimental Maniac could do with less ads – they give the blog a somewhat cluttered look – yet the proliferation of ads has not reached an intolerable amount, in my point of view. The blogger sprinkles pictures throughout the blog, giving readers relief from long blocks of text. I really love the header though – horses grazing in a peaceful field. You can’t go wrong with that!

User Friendliness – 8
The pages of The Native Sentimental Maniac load up easily but readers may have a bit of difficulty navigating the blog due to the numerous links and ads scattered all over the place. A little de-cluttering would do this blog a lot of good.

Reading Enjoyment – 7
The best thing about The Native Sentimental Maniac is that he shares really insightful quotes from the likes of Bertrand Russell. The blog entries themselves, though, could use some spicing up. The blogger uses a lot of big words but sometimes, they just don’t come across as correctly used. I would suggest a simpler writing style.

Useful Info – 7
There isn’t really much that a reader can find by way of useful information – except for some of the sponsored posts, which perhaps some readers may find useful.

Overall Experience – 7
After going through the blog, I was left with the feeling that there was supposed to be something there but I didn’t get it. I suppose that people close to this blogger would be able to relate more to the posts and thus, have a better overall experience.

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