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A Cultured Left Foot is all about the “glorious game of football.” Maintained by an Arsenal fan, the blog promises its readers a peek into the world of footy – not limited to the particular team mentioned.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The first thing that you would notice when you visit the blog is the collage of pictures in the big header. Reflective of the blogger’s fascination with Arsenal, the pictures making up the collage have everything to do with the team. Footy lovers will definitely appreciate the collage. The whole blog is quite neat, pleasing to the eyes. However, I would appreciate a few pictures here and there to spice up the visuals a bit.

User Friendliness – 10
A Cultured Left Foot is very easy to navigate – with everything you need on the right column. I like how the blog is not permeated with ads and still is able to maintain a high amount of traffic. You won’t get lost in this little footy world.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
If you are a footy fan then you would definitely enjoy this A Cultured Left Foot. It provides a good balance between facts and the writer’s points of view. I find the blogger’s writing style easy to read as well. Then again, if you don’t care a bit about football, then you would not enjoy this blog.

Useful Info – 10
The info you glean from A Cultured Left Foot is as useful as it can get – for the world of football, at least. The blogger maintains a regular posting schedule and keeps his readers up to date on the happenings in football.

Overall Experience – 9
I think we have a winner here. A Cultured Left Foot is a blog that a footy lover has to visit on a regular basis. The interaction between readers – through the comments – will also entice you to participate and share your two cents’ worth.

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