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The Foo Logs
“A blog about life, technology, sport, and just about everything else.” That is how The Foo describes his blog, The Foo Logs. I suppose we can classify this blog under the personal journal category but The Foo seems to bring to his readers more than the average daily musings we normally read in personal blogs.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Yellow, orange, green, blue, gray, and white – these are the colors that will assail your eyes when you visit The Foo Logs. To be honest, I don’t think there is much eye candy in this blog. Then again, that might not be The Foo’s aim in the first place. On another note, the blog is very neat and the posts easy to read, with black font on white background. Some posts have amusing pictures and videos as well.

User Friendliness – 9
The Foo Logs is quite organized. Readers will find the relevant links on the right column, main posts in the middle column. There are ads but they are unobtrusive enough. Sometimes it takes a bit for the videos to load up.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
To my surprise, I actually enjoyed reading a person’s personal blog even though I have never met this person! The Foo writes about a myriad of topics which most any person can relate to – from Facebook to Andre Agassi to unique birthday gifts. His writing style is quite simple and his posts range from funny to, for lack of a better word, insightful. Oh, some might be a bit too “techie” for some.

Useful Info – 9
You’ll find a lot of useful info in The Foo Logs. Some of them are about life in general but a lot are technology-related.

Overall Experience – 9
The Foo Logs is proof that a personal blog can reach out even to strangers. I highly recommend this blog to anyone who enjoys a good read on a regular basis.

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