The Hue and Cry


The Hue and Cry

This site was a welcome change from the increasing number of ego-centric blogs we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. This visually cool-looking blog actually has some interesting things to say (and no, it isn’t what Bob had for dinner last night…yawn.), peppered with a healthy amount of Bush-bashing. Funny, clever, and clearly socially conscious.Visual Aesthetics – 9

Visually, Hue and Cry is a real treat. The design and colours mesh wonderfully, giving a modern, slightly funky feel to the site, yet at the same time retains the ability to be taken seriously. There are hardly any pictures to speak of (which normally would warrant a slap on the wrist for lack of visuals) but strangely enough, it’s absence seems to work really well on this blog.

User Friendliness – 9

Absolutely no problems here. Loved the neat, easy-to-navigate arrangement of the site. Was a breeze going from one place to another.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Current events and politics are the main themes in this blog, with some very insightful, intriguing and irreverent banter going on.

User Info – 9

Lots here. Within Bob’s posts are always great links backing up what he has to say, and I like the way he gives the reader access to an interesting variety of information. For instance, in the “Dark Side” (which ominously includes the White House), “Get Involved” and “Aesthetic Nourishment“, as well as “DC Contacts“- you can get hooked up to a US Senator of your choice in a click.

Overall Experience – 9

If you are passionate about politics (and preferably vote blue ), have somewhat of a wry sense of humour and enjoy intelligent repartee, then look no further than the Hue and Cry. Few blogs out there today are as bright or as thought-provoking as this.