Ferocious Flirting


Ferocious Flirting

Written surprisingly by a man (grumpy husbands take note!), this unashamedly romantic blog is all about keeping romance alive in a marriage.

Backed up by a valentines-all-year-round look of pink, pink, and more pink, sweet Matt (who must be so, writing stuff like this!) has a number of helpful tips, as well as resources like “gift ideas for the spouse” and “date ideas“. The bottom line for a happy marriage according to Matt? “Thou shalt flirt ferociously each day with thy spouse“. A tall order in any marriage with children under 6 perhaps, but sweet nontheless!

Visual Aesthetics – 6

If you like pink, well, you’ll be in Nirvana, but the colour scheme…. could make most red-blooded males click on the back button faster than you can say “marriage“. There is also a lack of graphics, photos and other eye candy to make this site a little more visually appealing.

User Friendliness – 8

Decent navigation, easy to find other sections, and no problems in getting around..

Reading Enjoyment – 6

This really depends on one’s mood. If the kids are finally in bed…..the house is clean and your spouse hasn’t done anything to annoy you today, well then, visiting this blog will do a great job of… reinforcing those sugary positive feelings, and may even cause you to call your spouse “sweetie” on a regular basis, as Matt does..

User Info – 7

I must say that I did enjoy his “More Great Ideas” section, with may be a little on the thin side, but has some nice ideas for gift giving, romantic movies etc, for when that lovey-dovey feeling does strike

Overall Experience – 7

I just think its incredibly sweet that a husband has somehow managed to transcend the traditional sports-obsessed-caveman attitude when it comes to romance (after marriage, that is), and just for this, he gets an A for effort. Definitely a site we should all try and let our husbands visit, at least once!