Emotional Fragments

Emotional Fragments

Chris lives in Winston-Salem, where he writes poetry. And there’s a lot of it on this site ? some good, some bad, all of it very personal.

Visual Aesthetics ? 7

Emotional Fragments is white sans-serif text on a black background. If it belonged to the reviewer, the text would be in a slightly larger font or bolded; it is just a little hard to read after a while. Black and white done in this manner looks elegant and simple ? a good look for most blogs ? but it screams out for more pictures, as black is the perfect setting for digital pics. Overall, though, it’s not bad visually.

User Friendliness ? 9

One of the best I’ve ever seen for user-friendliness ? the layout is simple, an intro to the blog owner is right up at the top and obvious, and links back to older blog posts are up-front and easy to see. Instead of adding bells and whistles, this blogger keeps it simple ? perfect.

Reading Enjoyment ? 7

In all fairness this reviewer may be rating this blog a little low because it is not to my taste. With a few peeks into his life, blogger Chris mostly writes and posts poetry. I recommend it highly for those who read blogs that are heavy on poetry ? especially since some of this seems fairly good. I have a real issue with misspellings, and there are a lot of misspellings on this site.

Useful Info ? 5

While there are the required few links to blogs Chris finds appealing, there is not a lot of information here that can be used by readers. It is primarily a personal blog. I do recommend it as a model for how to structure a blog to make it navigable, but otherwise there’s just not a lot here.

Overall Experience ? 7

Emotional Fragments may impress more in the future, depending on what Chris chooses to do with it. But for today, it’s a blog to read and then move on to the next.