Taiping Coffee


Taiping Coffee

Somewhere in Taiping, Malaysia, a real estate negotiator sits in front of his computer, a hot mug of Taiping Coffee at his side, and reflects on the state of world affairs. Blog entries range from commentaries on social injustice to a series of lawyer jokes.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

The blog has very few photos to break the frequently long chunks of text. There is also no clear color palette. Bright pinks and autumn oranges don’t belong on the same page, especially against a dull gray background.

User Friendliness – 6

The site is easy to download, but digesting the information is a different story. The paragraphs are just too long and laborious for Internet reading, and the text needs editing for grammar.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

The ideas themselves are interesting, it’s the presentation that needs working on: better visuals, tighter sentences, more logical structuring.

User Info – 6

Some entries do give insight to Malaysian political issues, but it’s not presented in a way that would be interesting to a global audience. There are very few links, and since the blog doesn’t really have a clear “identity“, you’re not sure what he’s going to talk about next, or whether that info is worth a second visit.

Overall Experience – 6

He has good ideas, interesting political beliefs, and worthy causes. But in the Information Age where readers have millions of websites literally at their fingertips, presentation is just as important as content. Visuals and writing matter.