Stupid People

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Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed

Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed is a mildly self-depreciating blog wherein the author rants, raves and makes reference to what stupid people shouldn’t do. The hook is that she is the one doing many of the things that stupid people shouldn’t do.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

A dull starry-night black background and “nothing but text” header leaves the reader underwhelmed. There are hardly any pictures on the site, which gives it an overall cold and unwelcoming feel.

User Friendliness – 5

It may or may not be an artifact of the BlogCharm blogging system, but the total lack of a sidebar navigation system detracts from the site’s usability. The blog needs a way of highlighting its best posts, grouping posts into themes and even organizing them by date.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Unfortunately, the material just doesn’t grab my attention for a variety of reasons. For one, there is too much blog self-reference. So the better posts are broken up by things like apologies for lack of blogging. This contributes the general sense that there is very little continuity between posts.

Useful Info – 5

As a personal blog with nothing like a running story or thesis, the blog is probably only useful to those who know its author. Otherwise, it is lacking in content that would be considered useful to the average reader.

Overall Experience – 5

While I’m sure that the blog serves its author well as an outlet for her thoughts, it falls on its face as a public publication. Not only is there a poor navigation structure and total lack of visual design, but the content itself is scattered and all over the place. This blog is not the sort that would be appealing to most people.