So Far So Good


So Far So Good

Butterflies, emotions and ample dose of self-flagellation is what immediately comes to mind with this site, as Mrs.Dort gives us a peek inside her sometimes confusing world, which despite having meltdowns and bouts of crankiness, manages to have some moments of tenderness.

Visual Aesthetics  6

The girly colours and butterfly scheme are strictly for the ladies, and gave one the feel of a Mills and Boone novel. I was also left wondering why a keen photographer such as the redheaded Mrs.Dort did not have more interesting photos up on the site, as she should.

User Friendliness  8

Really no problems here. Navigation was easy, and no hassles getting around the site.

Reading Enjoyment  7

I must admit that I got a little depressed from some of Mrs. D’s most recent blogs, which I suppose isn’t too difficult to understand given the recent holidays, etc etc. Feelings of disgust, near-breakdowns and an unsavory girlfriend (of her brother) all hung like a grey cloud over my head. Luckily, I headed over to the archives and found a more up-beat post about Mrs.Dort’s little sister, sweetly describing this young girl’s first kiss.

User Info  6

Hmmm. Other than a long-ish blogroll list, I honestly couldn’t find much information I would consider useful.

Overall Experience  7

Mrs.D’s blog is definitely one with a beating heart, and although some of her posts had a melancholic tone of impending doom, her appreciation for the simple joys in life made me, as well as her other readers, I’m sure, hopeful. So far, so good?.. .