Inherently Wrong


Inherently Wrong

For someone who declares himself inherently wrong (right?), positive ideas abound. An emotion-filled journal of the emotional, this ride takes you from the crushing loss of a beloved pet to a long dress sock inside a tanning booth. Interested? You should be.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

A little on the bare side but it’s so refreshingly orange and happy. Not-so-great photos though far from being declared a flop. A little spicing up on the graphics would surely go a long way.

User Friendliness – 8

User-friendly” and “almost empty” sometimes go together and this is one of those rare occasions. The layout is so plain and uncomplicated, it loads before you realize what’s happening.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

The entries are too long at first glance but once you have read the first line, you’ll definitely be hooked. A seamless flow from one thought to another breezes the reader right through every post. That is always, always a good thing.

User Info – 8

Leaves little to be desired when it comes to maximizing the sidebars and other nooks. Lacks interesting tidbits, but the subtle revelation of information in each entry arouses the curiosity of this reader just the same.

Overall Experience – 9

I wouldn’t be surprised if one gets the urge to rush home and take in Little Arf!Arf! into a spine-crushing hug. The feel is “comfortably sarcastic“, rather like fighting with your best friend.