Red Monkey

Bloggy Award Winner!


Red Monkey

First off, what a great name for a blog- Red Monkey!! It brings to mind so many wonderfully wicked and weird ideas, that one’s appetite for a good blog read is already made insatiable. The actual site is very much in the traditional form of a true “blog“- like an online, personal diary. It did not disappoint, though.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Simply superb. One of the best blogs, visually, that I have visited. Full of fun, original images- including drawings by the blog owner himself. A really cool layout- with the antique scroll mixed with a high-tech header and a hilarious logo (of course, of a red monkey!). Extremely clever how everything changes as one goes around the different sections of the blog, like visiting different planets. This, for once, is a ten out of ten!!!

User Friendliness – 10

Navigation is great- excellent linkage everywhere. Again- top marks.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Absolutely spot on. The author is not only very eloquent and well read, he is also extraordinarily candid, honest and open. At the same time not condascending or opinionated. I especially recommend reading the religious Journey, if only for an insight into growing up as a Catholic in Texas and also the parts where the author talks of his battle with Hodgkin’s Disease.

Useful Info – 9

Perhaps the weakest part of the site if one is to pick holes. But then- it doesn’t promise comprehensive information that is useful- only shared personal experience.

Overall Experience – 10

This is the amongst the best blogs that we have reviewed. Many blogs have shown this potential, but the authors all too often seem to lose interest. There are a LOT of little jewels in this blog worth exploring- fun, original links, amusing anectodes and the whole diary never reads egocentrically, as so many of these personal online diaries can do. A definite Bloggy Award Winner!

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