Mental Pornography


Mental Pornography

David Corpuz is a freelance writer taking up film studies. He is an aspiring filmmaker and you can see his eye for the arts in his blog postings. While the author’s blog does not have only one specific topic, it is evident that his interests revolve around film and the arts in general. One of his recent write-ups is a commentary on the contestants of Philippine Idol, which shows his interest in music and musical performers. Mental Pornography seems to be a very apt title for this blog, because one can practically read what’s on the author’s mind from what he blogs about.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

The blog uses a default Blogger template, which is light brown-themed. While this seems easy to the eyes at first, it would prove that the copy is quite difficult to read because of the low contrast. Also, a large Google search box blocks the upper portion of the blog right below the masthead. This seems redundant, because all Blogger blogs already have a top-bar with a Google search box. A popup window also appears when you visit the site. I would consider this to be a turn-off and a potential security threat.

User Friendliness – 8

Mental Pornography is relatively easy to navigate, with the blog post titles serving as the permalink to the static posts. The sidebar also has easily-accessible links to the archives and the most recent posts, as well as the blogroll.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

David‘s commentaries on music and movies are insightful, but aside from that, one would not find much interest in this blog except if the reader is a personal acquaintance of the author. The blog is well-written, though, and is an easy read. Look forward to light reading when you visit this blog.

Useful Info – 8

Art and music lovers might find the music and film reviews and commentary on Mental Pornography useful and interesting. As earlier mentioned, the blog’s author is into the arts, hence his keen eye for good movies and music–both mainstream and indie.

Overall Experience – 7

Mental Pornography rates above average, considering the well-written blog posts. What sets this blog apart from most of the other blogs out there is that the author actually gives value with what he writes, and does not only echo everyone else on the blogosphere. The site could use some improvement in the design and usability aspect, though. This notwithstanding, I consider the blog to be a good, light read, particularly if you’re looking for opinions on movies, music, and a bit of life in general.

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