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One of the most well-known professional bloggers and “netrepreneurs” in the Philippines, Abe Olandres publishes Yugatech as his personal blog for technology and buisness matters. This problogger actively helps other people set up their blogs for search optimization and monetization. He blogs about his experiences as an online entrepreneur, and frequently gives tips to fellow bloggers, professional and casual alike, on how to maximize their blogging experience.

The author does not only blog about technology and trends, but is able to effectively apply the concepts of business and entrepreneurship to technology, thereby giving readers informed discussions about how to best take advantage of this lucrative field.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Yugatech uses a stock WordPress theme modified for the author’s purposes. Connections won last year’s Alex King theme competition, and was hailed as a fresh new theme that time. The theme is, indeed, readable and easy to the eyes, particularly with the use of high contrasts and serif-typeface. The site’s homepage also features excerpts instead of full posts, which aids in keeping it more organized and easy to browse. However, the theme is a bit heavy on graphics, particularly with the add-ons found on Yugatech, which includes advertisements and various plugins. The site is heavy on advertisements, though, and this can sometimes be unpleasant to the eye.

User Friendliness – 8

The site navigation is very friendly, though, with easy-to-access navigation links on the top bar, and links to related material at the bottom of each blog post. As is common with WordPress themes, each post title also serves as the permalink. Each post also includes easy links to social bookmarking sites, which helps users subscribe to the site for easy reference.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Yugatech features a healthy dose of commentary on technology and business related matters. You won’t find anything too hardcore-techie here, though, so this means the site would be a good read for the average techie.

Useful Info – 9

You will find Yugatech very helpful if you’re an aspiring problogger or internet entrepreneur. The author features various tools that can help you monetize your site or increase readership. The author also regularly does independent research on the blogging industry and shares his findings with his readers.

Overall Experience – 8

Yugatech is a blog I’ll keep coming back to. The features are useful for anyone in the business of blogging and working on internet-oriented businesses. Whether you’re a techie or you’re a beginning blogger, you will find the author’s blog posts beneficial to your blogging activities.

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