RANGWAN.COM is short for Run As Never Get, Wander As Never. COMe. Whatever that means. It contains information on Broadband Technology including WiFi, VoIP, Security, Network BUT as the author claims only the stuff about it that are creative and beautiful. I couldn;t form an opinion regarding the veracity of the claims though since it isn’t written in English.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Very very simple and plain template used. The simplicity doesn’t make it stark though because the videos and photos add color and interest to the entire look.

User Friendliness – 7

Positives: Fast enough loading time. Highly readable text (if you an read the the characters). Distinct links. Very informative posts (i assume…and only if you an again read the entries). Organized, uncluttered sidebar. Negatives: No English version. In short this blog gets a seven instead of a zero since it seems to be user friendly to its target audience. It can’t get a perfect score though because it is definitely NOT user friendly to me.

Reading Enjoyment – 5

I enjoyed the pictures of the food and the city but I have to give it a five since I have no way of determining the writing quality.

Useful Info – 10

Judging from the titles and the links this blog contains plenty of useful tech-related information.

Overall Experience – 7

The blog seems to be a pretty good one although I have to admit I couldn’t really review it thoroughly (duh!). I would never visit this blog again, like most people who don’t read Mandarin (or whatever language this blog uses). It still boggles me why people would submit non-English blogs to an English blog review…

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