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Quit Your Day Job

This blog’s owner finally did what most people keep on planning to do but never get around to doing — quit his day job. This blog isn’t about his quitting or the new freelance job he has. It’s his about his random thoughts, the daily events in his life, his drawings, and of course the star of 24 – Jack Bauer.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

This blog looks really ordinary and simple when it comes to layout and color scheme. However, something about it makes this blog stand out in that it is very visually appealing. Maybe it IS the simplicity. One thing’s for sure though you can see that attention went into making sure the elements of this blog agree with each other. This blog looks very much together indeed.

User Friendliness – 10

Simple ad very effective layout. The blog looks very organized and every single feature is placed where users will usually automatically look for them. Readable and easy to navigate.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

I enjoyed reading the blog entries since the author’s take on things is usually pretty funny. Although some entries might drag at some parts overall the posts are really interesting. Quite a variety of topics in this blog too. One of the things I really enjoyed are his “Jack Facts”. For a die hard fan he sure is irreverent at times and absolutely hilarious.

User Info – 9

Read between the wit and sarcasm and you will find some interesting tidbits on everything from movies to environmental awareness. Of course his opinions count as info too, don’t they?

Overall Experience – 10

Although the title sounds like a commercial blog trying to get you to join some online money making scheme this blog is one of the farthest thing from that. If anything it reflects an ordinary man’s life who is trying to live his life in an extraordinary way. Extraordinary because it his dreams and not money that matters to him. Kudos to you for that Lee!

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