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Bhéjaa Fry

A blog of a man determined to find humour in everything around him. So far it seems that he is succeeding or maybe there really is something humorous to laugh at everyday but busy and uptight as most of us are we just don’t see it. Let Ashish guide you and see the funny side of life.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Obviously a Blogger template, Ashish picked a pretty basic but nice enough looking one. Since it’s a good enough template I really can’t complain about how this blog looks except for the fact that it lacks customization. But customized or no it IS visually appealing. The background colors make up for the lack of images. The only image adorning this blog is the author’s profile pic which is pretty cool since it is reflective of the author’s wacky personality.

User Friendliness – 8

Again since this blog uses an almost non-customized template it is as user friendly as Blogger made it to be. The only fault is the usual problem of having no link to the homepage from static pages, no back to link, and no previous posts at the bottom of the page. The author would also do well to start categorizing his posts to make it easier to read back posts.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

A very funny man makes for a very funny blog. My only problem is that I sometimes don’t get the joke since some of the posts require inside information on India’s everyday life and it’s people’s psyche. A pity since his readers seem to find those posts hilarious or interesting at the very least. One thing interesting thing about his funny posts is that sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a man who cares about India, has good values, and is pretty smart.

User Info – 9

If you consider a list of Indian bad manners, a commentary on Japanese and other international toilet seat designs, videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger and some Zippo tricks, and lots of silly stuff then you’ve got a useful blog indeed. But truthfully this blog does yield some interesting information even if it is a very new blog (less than three months old!).

Overall Experience – 9

Just a few more months and a few more weird but interesting tidbits of information and this blog is destined to be a Bloggy Award Winner. With the great content Ashish will really need to start using Technorati tags to help categorize his posts and get ready for more readership. I AM subscribing. One suggestion though, please translate Indian punchlines so the rest of the world can appreciate your wit. You can start with your blog name or make do with an (American) Indian fry bread for you blog’s image here.

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