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News Blog

Can’t get enough of the news but tired of all the negativity? After (or before) reading the dailies you can go to this blog every other day for a relaxing read. This news blog does not aim for volume but posts just one entry every other day that is most often than not positive in nature.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

I really liked this blog’s color scheme and the unconventional way it highlighted the Home, Archives, Links, and Contact links by putting it at the top of the page and putting them in huge circles that look really cool. The title is placed in a less prominent position, which is a god move since “News Blog” isn’t really a very exciting title anyway. The images that accompany posts that are just of right length also add to the overall relaxing look of this blog.

User Friendliness – 8

This blog has very readable fonts and is very easy to navigate. It has one big problem though. The buttons on the top of the page linking to Archives, Links, and Contact that so delighted me doesn’t work! The buttons even change color when you hover over them but what good does it do if they don’t work at all. At least the Home button works.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

The news article featured in each post is interesting and nicely summarized so that they don’t run too long or get too technical. This News Blog makes for a relaxing read, which is something you definitely can’t say for most news sites, unless you read the lifestyle or humour section only.

User Info – 10

Like any news site this News blog is highly informative. My only problem is that I detected an error in one of the posts. But since mistakes do happen in all publications once in a while I’ll just let it go since it was the only mistake I spotted anyway.

Overall Experience – 10

News Blog definitely deserves a Bloggy Award. A visit to this blog leaves you not only informed but usually entertained as well.

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