Common Sense


Common Sense

An interesting read. Ken Grandlund talks about political issues with a sincerity that can be felt by readers. He takes topics such as abortion and takes out the big words to give a very real feel to what is the true issue being discussed. His writing goes beyond mere debate and makes politics “common sense“.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

I liked the cleanness of the look of this site though the background is a rather sickly green. I feel his site would look better in basic, primary colors, reflective of both his writing style and his approach to topics.

User Friendliness – 9

Ken‘s site is easy to navigate, all you need is common sense (pun intended). The links and buttons are well arranged and show the various interests and causes Ken supports. I have to admit though that I was a bit bewildered by how many buttons there were.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

I’m not particularly fond of politics, so I appreciated the fact that he kept the big words to a minimum and got to the heart of the topic quickly. Articles seemed a bit lengthy but then again, the topics are serious. He definitely managed to pique the interest of this political apathetic.

Useful Info – 9

Links to his information sources are included in his articles to support the facts and figures he throws in. Thankfully though, he does not drown the reader in numbers. The information is always given in relatively simple terms that are easily understood.

Overall Experience – 8

If you’re not quite sure where you stand, Ken‘s writing is a guide to how simple politics truly is. He takes a particular issue and expresses his opinion concisely and supports it with some interesting facts and figures. He brings home the fact that in the end it is about what we value and how we perceive things.