Pink Apples Weekly

Pink Apples Weekly
A fashionista blog by fashionista Kylie. Pink Apples Weekly features anything and everything stylish, from clothes to accessories to house decor.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Pink Apples Weekly has a very cute header. It is quite simple, just the (pinkish) apple and the blog name but it is pleasant to look at. There are also lots of pictures within the blog posts, which make for a pleasant viewing experience. However, the blog might have gone overboard in terms of simplicity. There is just too much white space in my opinion, but that’s just me!

User Friendliness – 8
With regard to navigation (links) and loading time, Pink Apples Weekly aces this category. My concern – and it is a big one – is the color scheme, which makes it almost impossible to read the links and other information, especially on the sidebar. This can easily be remedied.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
The fashion police has me on it’s perpetual black list but I do know good stuff when I see it – and Pink Apples Weekly definitely has some excellent material. My favorite are the lights for the house. That post is wonderful!

Useful Info – 10
Fashionistas – and wannabes – will certainly find a lot of information. I think that I have learned a thing or two, myself.

Overall Experience – 9
Pink Apples Weekly is a relatively new blog – 6 months – but the concept behind it certainly has a lot of potential. Just a little tweaking here and there….



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