Associate Money

Associate Money
Associate Money is the blog of Barry Ritz, and in it, he shares his thoughts and tips on how to manage your personal finances wisely. This is not your usual finance blog that is filled with technical terms. The average person can learn a lot from Associate Money.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Associate Money has a very simple look, and despite the amount of white space, the layout gives you a pleasant viewing experience. I would suggest adding more content to the side bars to make it look even better.

User Friendliness – 10
Having 3 columns, Associate Money is able to arrange all the links and other content neatly. You will not encounter any problems regarding navigation in this blog. The pages also load up quite quickly. More so, the posts contain relevant links, which provide further information on the topics discussed.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I am not very good at managing my money, but no one can say that I do not try to be better at it. Perhaps that is why I really enjoyed reading through the posts in Associate Money. In addition to this, the posts are written in such a way that even I could understand!

Useful Info – 10
I would have to say that the main strength of Associate Money is the information that it provides. There are a lot of practical tips that anyone would find useful. You will really learn a lot reading the posts in this blog.

Overall Experience – 10
I like this money blog. I do not get overwhelmed by the posts, and I find ideas which I can actually put to use! Bookmark Associate Money!


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  1. I loved this blog , and I learnt a lot from it.A simple yet lucrative use of language that explains everything that is meant to be understood. Thmbs up !!