Diary of the Nello

Diary of the Nello

Diary of the Nello

The overall appearance of Diary of the Nello can only be described as fresh, in every sense of the word. This may be one of the most open, least pretentious personal blogs I have ever seen, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

I don?t give a lot of nines. I also cringe at misspellings, which can be found here, and I don’t like pink at all. But despite these personal dislikes, I really liked the overall look of this blog. The flower background sets a mood without being overwhelming, and the pink flowers in the upper left corner are perky and exciting. But then, it looks like Nello designs blogs for others, and the screenshot samples she has up here are also gorgeous. If I were teaching a class on blog design, I’d probably use these as examples for aesthetics.

User Friendliness ? 8

Very nice, easy to use. Nello has a lot of links to other blogs, and that feels a little cluttered. But the interface is nice, she keeps most unnecessary stuff off the main page, and overall it’s remarkably easy to read.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

This is basically a typical personal blog, engaging and charming but nothing out of the ordinary. Friends of Nello will love it, but I’ve seen many others like it ? albeit not so well designed.

Useful Info ? 9

Like most personal blogs, this one isn’t really designed for useful information ? and yet. This is one of the sites to study for how to put a blog together that looks nice and reads easily. For that alone, she deserves a high rating.

Overall Experience ? 9

While a few minor things could be improved, this is probably one of the best personal blogs I’ve ever read ? not deep or earth shattering, but an open, fresh, cheery peek at someone else’s life. And that’s what the personal blog is all about, isn’t it?