GamesAlike offers reviews of video games you have already played and helps you find the most awesome games already familiar to you or similar to the ones you love. It also provides the best gaming deals with the cheapest discounted prices you can ever find online these days.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The site is very appealing to the eyes what with the various photos of video games on the home page alone. A gamer would surely be encouraged to stay on the site longer.

User Friendliness – 10

Links are well placed hence, visitors can easily go to the content they want to check.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Gamer should have a great time reading the site’s content particularly those on games very familiar to them and those they have played many times.

Useful Info – 10

The site’s information are very useful notably to people who want to find out about the latest and past games and compare similar video games that interest them.

Overall Experience – 9

It should be a fun experience visiting the GamesAlike site what with all the information on well-loved video games. It’s a great site to visit too if you want to find out games with similar themes.

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