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Understanding personal loans can be a daunting chore. Even the bravest of us will flinch at the thought of actually diving into this gruelling financial exercise. Enter the Personal Loans Blog. The author informs, guides and teaches the reader in a way we can all understand and even enjoy.

Visual Aesthetics ? 7

The overall impression one gets from the blog?s sketch is that of fun and function. The fun part comes with the witty pictures with every entry- reflecting the topic being discussed in a lighter way. The green color that prevails throughout the blog skin is very pleasing to the eyes- which is probably why is it is a winning WP theme.

User Friendliness ? 7

The blog is tidy and efficient. The reader won?t have any problems moving around. However, nothing beyond the most basic of functions.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

The jargon was kept to a minimum and the descriptions and explanations were all truly thought out in an informative and useful way for the uninitiated. Readers will find themselves appreciating their newfound understanding on personal loans, gained surprisingly painlessly.

Useful Info ? 9

If you?re looking to get any kind of personal loan or if you?re thinking about a second mortgage, then this site is for you. This blog is brimming with information on student loans, mortgages, debt consolidation and more. The wealth of information found in this site rivals the actual service you?ll get from a financial adviser, I suspect.

Overall Experience ? 8

This is a very good blog that deserves to be bookmarked. The rich content will surely be of use when the need for a personal loan arises.