Brief Sunshine


A Sunshine Too Brief

Ever wondered what it’s like to be single, of South Asian descent in Canada? Tazzy writes about her life, what she thinks of her heritage and other things related to being a single twenty-something.

Visual Aesthetics ? 6

The theme Tazzy used in her blog seems to depict her preference for colors that are easy on the eyes. On her sidebar, she uses different images to denote each section like Felix the cat for the movies she likes, and so on.

User Friendliness ? 7

It is easy to navigate through her posts. The sidebar contains links to her favorite reads and her monthly blog entry archives. A button or link to the blog’s feed would make it a bit friendlier to those who want to access it.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

Reading this blog is enjoyable and engaging. The blogger makes sure she gets her point across. The series of entries about the Mommy Arranged Marriaged gives us a glimpse of what it is like for women who have experienced it.

Useful Info ? 8

The cross-cultural experiences Tazzy writes about is something we could learn from. Reading her blog would open up your mind to another perspective on living in Canada, as she comes from a Bengali family.

Overall Experience ? 7

The differences between traditional and modern South Asians can be seen in this blog. Tazzy is witty and candid- so it is easy to engage in conversations with her. The blog could do with a better design and it definitely should be updated more regularly.