Online Marketer

Online Marketer
Learn about how to make it in the world of online marketing from Online Marketer. According to the blogger, “online marketing is easy. Well, as easy as real-life marketing is. It’s not about widgets or flashy gizmos – it’s about relationships, trust, and transparency. Everyone will have to be an online marketer at some point. So jump on in; the water is fine.”

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Perhaps the focus of Online Marketer is the content – and rightly so. However, the blog could use a little bit of dressing up in terms of visual aesthetics. I love blue, which is the blog’s color scheme, but it just does not do much to stimulate one’s visuals in this case. More so, the tags and categories attached to each post seem to clutter up the look of the blog. A little adjustment would be nice.

User Friendliness – 8
The pages load up like lightning – this could be due to the lack of photos and other visual aids. The posts are organized well, as are the links on the right column. Pertinent links are also provided within the entries. Some of the entries are quite long, though, and would do well with some chopping up for easier reading.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
Online Marketer is a rather enjoyable read. Despite the “seriousness” of the blog’s theme, the writer manages to present his ideas in a light and engaging manner.

Useful Info – 10
What can I say, you’ll learn a lot from reading Online Marketer!

Overall Experience – 8
Just for the simple way of presenting marketing ideas, Online Marketer deserves to be hailed. It is a must for those who are thinking of “testing the water”, as the blogger says.

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