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Inside Arsenal

A blog dedicated to the Arsenal. If you are a fan this is THE blog to read.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Simple look. The blog isn’t really that pretty although I still can’t figure out what’s wrong since it’s very neat and follows a simple color scheme. Could it be that the sickly looking green background doesn’t go well with the over all color scheme? It’s a good thing the pictures accompany ing posts take your eyes of whatever it is that deosn’t seem right leaving you with the impression that it looks good enough.

User Friendliness – 8

The blog has really great features for Arsenal fans and is organized and easy to navigate. The categories are pretty weird though since they listed all the contributors. While it is true that posts are categorized according to contributor it makes sense to separate the list of contributors or put it in a drop down menu and leave the “real categories” since categories should help users through topical searching. The sidebar text is also a bit hard on the eyes since the contrast between the grey fonts and lighter grey background is not that distinct.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Since I am admittedly an idiot when it comes to sports I have to admit I enjoyed none of the entries. I simply can’t relate. I can see though that the writing is indeed very good and the content meaty. This blog doesn’t just serve up regurgitated news from other sports news sites. The contributors know what they’re talking about and write in a very laid back manner. With these observations I can say that if my soccer crazy friend stumbled upon this blog, he’ll definitely find it to make for very enjoyable reading.

User Info – 10

Everything you will want to need about the Arsenal can be found in this blog, from the most current news to their history. Lots and lots of facts here for Arsenal fans worldwide.

Overall Experience – 9

A very very good sports blog. With just a few minor tweaking this blog will surely rate a perfect 10.

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