Old Town Electrics

The Old Town Electrics is a U.K.-based company that provides electrical services through its team of professional electricians. It covers the areas of Hastings, St Leonards On Sea, Bexhill, Fairlight, Westfield, Battle, Crowhurst, Ore, Guestling and Catsfield.

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Visual Aesthetics – 9

The site’s unique and clutter-free design can easily capture the attention of visitors and prompt them to explore more.

User Friendliness – 10

Depending on what information you would like to know, there are links available to direct you to the page you want to visit.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The site has limited information as it only provides a short description of its services. It could add more relevant information concerning electrical systems in a home and common issues encountered by homeowners.

Useful Info – 9

More information is needed for the site to attract visitors. It can improve by adding information on common issues faced by homeowners with regards to their electrical systems and perhaps, tips such as on how to maintain lights, avoid short circuits and find a reliable electrician.

Overall Experience – 9

While the website promotes a pleasant experience, it lacks information related to problems concerning electrical systems in the home and other useful tips such as on maintenance and finding the right and reliable electrician.



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