Nonsensical Flounderings

After seven grandchildren, LED lights clipped to the peak of a baseball hat and pink nail clippers with magnifiers still interests Carolyn and Mik. That this blog is for their “inane mumblings, meanderings and observations on life, love and any other topic that takes their fancy” is a pretense, naturally. The truth? They are secretly gathering material to launch a new daily: The Seattle Bus Post.

This blog is not a journal-ish type but more of a funny anecdotes record –
from Mik’s aversion to ass crackerage (in his words, no less) to their blog feature in outer space.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Nothing fancy in the layout but cool graphics design for the blog title. Most photos are extremely funny but unoriginal and mostly sourced from other websites.

User Friendliness – 8

Loads fast, with good links that are functional (surprise, surprise!)

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Mik is a gifted writer who can give sitcom writers a run for their money. Most of the entries are from everyday happenings but highlighted by funny incidents.

User Info – 8

Definitely no danger of info overload here. In fact, hardly any information at all. No how to’s and how not to’s, which isn’t bad actually. Entertaining even.

Overall Experience – 9

it must be the subtle show of affection, like Mik’s announcement that waking up next to his wife made his day, that makes you want to offer yourself up to them for adoption. Or at the very least, continue reading their blog.