A Loner’s World


A Loner’s World

Loner’s World is very much a reflection of the writer – a fifteen-year old who’s found a way to tinker about the internet. Cassy’s entries revolve around her experiences with a negligent mom and an abusive dad. Instead of the usual day to day entries, hers are categorized into poems, fiction, and random stuff. In as much as her experiences are dark and traumatic, reminiscent still in her writing is the voice of a young child seeking someone who will listen.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

The choice of colors – black and bright purple – is an eyesore. Add the twinkling stars scattered about the background and you’ve got yourself a tacky galactic-looking website.

User Friendliness – 6

Fairly enough, the whole site is easy to navigate. Contents are categorized in an organized manner. There are some links, though, whose contents do not appear when clicked on to. Plus, when you first open the page, it would seem blocked because of some pop-ups.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Inasmuch as the language used by the writer is childish, the honesty of her words are strong enough to be poignant. That, plus the angst reflected in her poems draws a lot of sympathy for the kid and outrage towards her mother. Probably because they are based on supposedly true stories, each entry is very detailed and well-written for a fifteen-year old.

User Info – 8

Cassy has a lot of interests like scuba diving, environment, games, books, and other what-have-you’s. With every hobby is an accompanying link directing to the organization’s website.

Overall Experience – 8

Her poems are so honest and stories so emotion-provoking. Whether an adolescent like Cassy or an adult, this is definitely a site to bookmark for everyone.