No Contact Politics


No Contact Politics

A combination of quotes and articles expounding on the news that has caught his eye, this blog is rather dry reading with an instant journalist sort of feel to the writing.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

Bare is the style of this blog, from its look to its articles. The almost black and white style gives a formal feel to the site, slightly softened by the few hints of color thrown in.

User Friendliness – 7

Basic and simple is the key to this site. Everything is pretty straightforward. There is no difficulty in finding links as they are already specified and not just in hypertext form. You may wish to keep a search engine open though to look up some of the people quoted, since the author doesn’t say why these people are “quotable“.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Readers may find this site heavy and dry unless they are into watching the news. A very objective blog, it is full of quotes, reposts of and links to articles that have caught the author’s eye with very little personal perspective injected.

Useful Info – 6

The most useful information here are the quotes. Most of the articles are too cerebral and “way up there” for the average Joe. This site would probably be of more interest to a reader of sociology or some other social science.

Overall Experience – 6

Simple and bare, this site isn’t very eye-catching. The quotes may inspire some interesting conversations, especially among students of philosophy. Alternatively, readers could agree with the author that the site is nothing more than a “guy ranting at his TV” and simply tune out.