Cola Café


Lola’s Cherry Cola Cafe

Her name is Lola she’s not a show girl… but she sure does have a thing for pole dancing. Apologies for my corny first line but I couldn’t resist. Lola’s personal blog is all about her daily life in her own little world called Lola’s Cherry Cola Café. It is an intersting world so why don’t you drop by, sit down, drink up, and share her life.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

An obvious almost completely untweaked template. Should have been ok but it’s a bit too plain and too monochromatic. Too much pink! Good thing the pictures of Lola she loves to post are almost always fun and interesting. Just look up for a sample.

User Friendliness – 8

Since she leaves her Blogger template by itself this blog is very easy to navigate. the text is very readable and images complement her posts often enough to break the motony of the look. Her entries are, however, on the rambling side and tend to really be pretty long…maybe too long for a casual reader.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Lola writes pretty fun stories and gets her point across quite well. However, as mentioned already, her entries tend to be on the long side so that unless you know her personally or is really into personal blogs you might get bored and want to skip the details.

User Info – 6

Like most personal blogs not much info you can get here aside from the inside info on the author’s daily life life. She has some good links to ambulance and pharmacy blogs though.

Overall Experience – 7

A smart but fun girl’s blog. Proof that being smart and educated doesn’t equate to boring, Lola shares her escapades and rants in this blog. If you take time to read her posts you will find it pretty nice but still the length of each entry and the fact that you don’t know her will likely leave you not thouroughly convinced about visiting this blog on a regular basis.

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