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The Lair of the Monkey

Attention to gamers! Here’s a little spot in the internet made especially for you. Share the author’s enthusiasm about the latest game that’s got him hooked and find out which games you might like to try as well.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

This blog needs a makeover. The horizontal black bar above the apple green bar above of some sort of very pale and endless green background just doesn’t work! The color scheme might work but definitely not in this kind of layout. The endless text makes the otherwise good entries look unappetizing since one look makes you feel like you’ll never finish reading any of the posts. It might be a good idea to simply show snippets of really long posts in the homepage instead of the entire thing.

User Friendliness – 8

Navigation in this blog is pretty straightforward. Text links are (very) visibly differentiated from ordinary text eliminating the need for guesswork on the reader’s part. However the text is not that readable and actually makes me feel a little dizzy. A change in one of the following – font, font size, or spacing – might solve the problem.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

As a non-gamer got pretty lost in this blog since I didn’t know anything about more than half of the games and didn’t understand ANY of the gaming specs (if that’s even what it’s called). The part I did understand was quite entertaining though. The author writes in first person mode and simply shares his opinions and experiences about the different games he reviews. In my opinion genuine gamers will definitely relate to and enjoy reading this blog.

User Info – 10

This is the place where you go to for genuine game reviews and news on the latest games that’s coming out and or just came out.

Overall Experience – 8

The blog to visit if you are a gamer. The only thing that puzzles me with this blog is that since a lot of gamers are very particular when it comes to graphics I would expect the author to put a bit more effort in making his otherwise cool site look good.

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