BlackWyrm the Great

Music and videos and more music and videos. Note though that the music videos here are mostly from You Tube and really really loud. Though it’s supposed to be a blog full of pop, rock, and heavy metal music videos I don’t think pop really belongs in here.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

I apologize for being blunt but this blog is plain ugly. I am no fan of goth but it isn’t the Goth that turned me of since the only evidence of it was in the fake blood running down that was used to separate the links and the rather beautiful artwork on the top left corner of the page. See the artwork was the one visually pleasing thing about the blog. The thing i really don’t like about the look are the ads everywhere. From the header down to the end of each and every post there’s an ad lurking making it all look so unappealing. The blog looks messy and needs cleaning up. By all means make it look dark ad as much Goth as you want but don’t make it look commercial with all those ads.

User Friendliness – 7

Pretty straightforward blog. No real complaints about the user friendliness except that it automatically opens in another tab (if you’re using Firefox) and another window (if you’re using IE) when you click on the Archives. It is pretty annoying but on the whole it’s pretty easy to navigate though the speed to watch the videos will of course vary depending on your bandwidth.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Nothing much to read here since this is a music video blog. Sure there are the captions, which are very descriptive but are rather apt since no ones really wants to read long captions anyway. The music videos are really good and shows BlackWyrm’s love and knowledge for music. Warning to classic and teeny bopper music lovers: You won’t enjoy this blog.

User Info – 9

For the right visitors this blog is a gem when it comes to finding awesome music videos. In case the video you’re interested in is not in the Archives you can even request BlackWyrm to find it and post it for you. No need to look all over the internet for the music video you need. Just stop by BlackWyrm the Great and enjoy the videos there.

Overall Experience – 7

A blog for a a very specific set of audience. Since there are lots of music lovers out there this blog can gain quite a following if only it dressed itself up a bit more nicely.

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