Nature Remains

Nature Remains
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Nature Remains
Maintained by Nina, Nature Remains is all about the great outdoors. This nature lover claims that she is “grabbing every minute I can find to be outside–walking in it, sleeping in it … breathing it in. The natural world has so much beauty to uncover.”

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Nature Remains is definitely a feast for the nature lover’s eyes. Even if one were not particularly in love with nature, the photos in the blog will capture your interest.

User Friendliness – 10
Despite the large amount of photos and text, the pages load up quickly. The whole blog is also laid out very neatly, making for easy navigation. The background is white with brownish text – very simplistic and easy on the eyes.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Nina knows how to play with words in order to add drama to what she is trying to share. This makes for very well written text that complements the pictures.

Useful Info – 9
I wouldn’t say the information found in Nature Remains is all useful but if you are a nature lover, you would certainly be able to make use of the information found here.

Overall Experience -10
A beautiful blog about the beautiful outdoors. I highly recommend it!

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