The Reluctant Writer

The Reluctant Writer
Written by a 20-year-old student from Bombay, India, this blog is all about literature, books, and the art of writing.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The predominant color is red, with various shades of it thrown in. The main background for the text is white while the text is a mix of black and green. The visual effect is not extraordinary but not bad either. There are just enough photos to spruce up the look of the blog.

User Friendliness – 9
The Reluctant Writer is divided into three columns, the middle one containing the main blog entries and the two outer ones the links. It is actually quite well organized although it does give you a sense of being overwhelmed due to the amount of information and links presented. Perhaps a little tweaking would make it more user friendly.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
The Reluctant Writer is a very enjoyable read. The points of view presented are interesting and thought provoking. This writer’s talent really shines through.

Useful Info – 9
Who says that literature has to have useful information in the practical sense? You won’t find much of that in The Reluctant Writer but you will surely get loads of passion and insights.

Overall Experience -9
The Reluctant Writer is a very good blog for the person who wants deep thoughts. I suggest you pay it a visit and find out for yourself.

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