The Glamour of Gerty

The Glamour of Gerty
Gerty is a gal who loves macaroons – and her blog? It is all about her life, which she describes as “an attempt to have a terrific wheeze at all times whilst living a stylish and glamorous life.” Isn’t this something that all little girls dream of?

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Now this blue, I like. The shade is just right and the text is well seen and nice to read. Gerty has some visual aids here and there – she could add more. Another thing, the paragraphs seem to run into each other as there is no space in between them. This could be fixed easily.

User Friendliness – 10
The lay out is very simple, very easy to navigate. The whole blog is very neat – you won’t get lost here!

Reading Enjoyment – 8
Though the blog is well written, it is not always easy to relate to the posts. If you know Gerty, though, you may find the entries more enjoyable.

Useful Info – 8
There is a book review and some other topics that the average person may find useful. In general, though, The Glamour of Gerty could use more work in this respect.

Overall Experience -8
I’d say that The Glamour of Gerty is an interesting look into the life of another person. You may want to visit the blog sporadically.

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