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My So-Called Ramblings

It’s impossible to not be charmed by a site that features pictures of the owner’s pantry and dinner, interspersed with gorgeous pics of the Hawaiian Islands, like My So-Called Ramblings. If you love tropical images and avant-garde images taken half-seriously, half-tongue-in-cheek, this is a site you’ll really enjoy.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

Okay, the design is a little cluttered. And there’s a lot here. But what’s here is really, really nice: sunset in Hawaii, tasty looking food, a unique design with lots of content. This site is worth visiting just for the pictures, and they’re all original.

User Friendliness ? 10

Once you get used to her unique way of putting a page together, this is one of the friendliest pages I’ve ever seen. It’s very open and welcoming, has tons of links to interesting places, and it’s easy to navigate.

Reading Enjoyment ? 9

This is not the most clever or insightful blog in the world. What it is, though, is friendly. Consuela, the owner, is charming and open, and has a knack for making the trivial engaging. Plus who can resist unique recipes with pictures incorporated into the blog?

Useful Info ? 10

This blog has a lot of fun information, from recipes to unique places to go online. Consuela has developed the knack for making the mundane almost magic. When she details a subject, like movies or a drive in Hawaii, she makes it come alive with details. While it doesn’t offer life advice or earthshattering financial news, Ramblings has some very good information within its electronic pages.

Overall Experience ? 10

There’s something about this blog that is just delightful. If you want to know what it’s like to be a working-class girl in Hawaii, this blog might be just the ticket.