Angry Ken


Angry Ken

This blog is like a long hate letter which is probably what the author is going for but is honestly quite tedious.

Visual Aesthetics ? 3

The use of red against black is appropriate for the mood the blog wants to set. The complete absence of visuals though leaves a lot of empty black spaces on the right side of the page giving it a stilted look.

User Friendliness ? 2

The blog opens quickly but its dark theme combined with the profane language it uses on its posts hardly make the blog friendly.

Reading Enjoyment ? 2

As mentioned, the posts are mostly the author?s angry opinions about things and people. Misspellings abound as is the use of slang and cuss words. As expected, the writer gets equally abusive, hate comments. This blog and its angry theme is just an excuse to hit on anyone.

Useful Info ? 1

I do not think this blog will be useful to anyone unless the reader is looking for a venue to write expletives.

Overall Experience ? 2

This is not a blog that merits recognition. It has too many cuss words to give it any degree of respectability. While it may get revisits from people who may be similarly inclined toward gutter language, I do not think it should be bookmarked.