Gidget Bones Diary


Gidget Bones Diary

The first post in this blog tells the reader that it has moved to which is fine since the new blog looks much better than the old one. The new look does little though to improve the blog?s tone and flavor. It remains a typical blog dealing mostly with stuff relevant only to the writer and, perhaps, some close friends. It lacks the universal appeal and usefulness of an award-winning blog.

Visual Aesthetics ? 6

Unlike its predecessor, the new blog has a more tasteful, less cluttered layout. One flaw though is the writer?s ineffective use of photos that are often too small to attract attention thereby creating unsightly blank spaces on the page.

User Friendliness ? 6

The blog is navigable and easy to read although the tiny chat-room window on the right sidebar is distracting.

Reading Enjoyment ? 5

Although some posts are entertaining, there are cases when the writer spends too much time talking about things that are irrelevant to the average reader. The strong tendency to use too many cheap sexual allusions, compounded by the presence of glaring misspellings and missing punctuation, serves to diminish the blog?s appeal.

Useful Info ? 5

The blog merely serves as a means for the writer to share events of her life with whoever would be interested. As such, there is very little useful info that can be derived from the blog?s content.

Overall Experience ? 5

The blog is not the type that would be bookmarked for future reference. Its content is not that interesting or compelling enough for readers to want to come back at another time.