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Working at Home Mom

You might expect this blog to be full of mommy stories since it IS a mom’s blog. Far from it. This blog is meant to help work at home mom’s think of new ideas and manage their lives as full time moms and workers. This mom offers some really useful and believable advice since she gets them from her own experiences.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Good template choice but the blog looks a little too dark. The blog also needs to have it’s title put up since it’s nowhere to be seen. Fonts used in the entries are a bit weird since some entries are all in boldface while the other use regular font styles. This mama can use a little help cleaning up this blog’s look.

User Friendliness – 8

Fairly navigable. The author makes use Technorati tags already but doesn’t have categories in the sidebar yet though this is okay since there’s still less than a month’s worth of posts here. The placing of each feature in the sidebar needs some rethinking though since it’s just not intuitive. I wouldn’t expect the counters to be on top and have to look for the archives somewhere in the middle. Again this cool mama needs some help in this area.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

This blog reads more like an advice page than anything else. It is full of mommy tips and news and doesn’t make for a good literary read. The short informative posts are far from boring though and will definitely interest other moms who opt to stay at home.

User Info – 10

Even with the really few posts this blog is clearly full of useful information. In time this blog is destined to be one heck of a good resource for work at home moms.

Overall Experience – 8

Being a very new blog WAHM still has lots of things to improve on. It does hold some promise though and the theme is a worthy one.

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