Maple Juice

Maple Juice
Maple Juice
Interesting name, very catching, very juicy. Yet am I missing out on something here? I don’t get the name of the blog but it’s tag “Celebrity Gossip” leaves no doubt as to what it has to offer – the latest and the juiciest news on our favorite celebrities. Maintained by a Canadian, Maple Juice does give a different perspective to the usual Hollywood gossip – oooh I get it, Maple!

Visual Aesthetics – 7
Very plain. The visuals of this blog does not live up to its juicy name, sad to say. It does have lots of pictures and some videos – that’s a good thing. However, the overall effect of the blog’s looks is not that attractive, I have to say. I suppose you could do more with a blog than having lots of white space. The ads that permeate the blog do not really help either.

User Friendliness – 7
The pages load quite quickly, there is no doubt about that. You can also click links to related posts immediately as they are shown in each entry. The left column is just way too long, though. There are so many links under the categories and blogroll section that you have to scroll down a lot and then scroll down some more. Another thing, I didn’t really appreciate being redirected to an ad and having to click on a button to skip the ad.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
What is there not to enjoy when it comes to celebrity gossip? Browsing through the entries in Maple Juice, though, I was a bit disappointed that the blogger does not really write much in terms of what her thoughts are on the bits of gossip she shares. I mean, you can find all these things and more in other sites. Some of the writer’s personality would have been a welcome addition.

Useful Info – 7
How useful can gossip be? Not much, really, unless you are planning on entering a trivia contest. Or maybe you just like knowing these sorts of things. There’s nothing wrong with that but I can’t really say that the information contained in Maple Juice is all that useful.

Overall Experience – 7
Maple Juice is a promising blog. It is based on a dynamic concept and for that it should be commended. It can be improved in many ways, though, and with the hints mentioned above, this blog can go a long way.

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  2. Maple Juice rocks!! THey are for sure one of the best Canadian celebrity (besides mine) websites out there!