Look Young!

Atlanta Laser Clinic

Atlanta Laser Clinic
Altanta Laser Clinic
Look Young! is the blog of an Atlanta laser clinic. The blog is chockfull of useful tips for those who want to ensure that they take care of their bodies in order to look young for as long as possible.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Look Young! strives for a clean look, and it is almost there. It just needs a little more work on making sure the fonts blend well with each other and that the formatting of the images comes out nicely.

User Friendliness – 7
Look Young! can use a little tweaking when it comes to making it easier for readers. For one, the posts can be clipped so that only a preview will show on the home page. This will make for a better reading experience. Also, additional navigation tools such as tags can be added on top of the menu bar.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
If you are into beauty, skin care, and other related topics, then you will certainly enjoy Look Young!. The blog is an easy read!

Useful Info – 10
Look Young! offers tons of tips for anyone who is looking at physical self-improvement. And if you need expert care, you can always get in touch with the clinic.

Overall Experience – 8
Look Young! is a great blog to visit if you are looking for an easy read about beauty. Even if you are not based in Atlanta, you will still pick up a lot of useful tips from the blog.



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