Energy Medicine and Health

Exploring the frontiers of health and medicine.

Exploring the frontiers of health and medicine.
Energy Medicine and Health
Energy Medicine and Health is a blog that aims to achieve good health and maintain it too. Maintained by Robert who is based in Alberta, Canada, the blog is all about exploring the frontiers of health and medicine.
Visual Aesthetics – 9
The blog is very Christmas-sy, giving you that cheerful experience. It does go with the season and with the theme of feeling good, but the formatting of the videos in the right sidebar is a little off.
User Friendliness – 9
Energy Medicine and Health has the necessary tools to help you find your way. You can check the most recent posts or the tags to find topics that you will find relevant. One thing that can be improved is the formatting of the right sidebar, with fonts that are not so hard on the eyes.
Reading Enjoyment – 10
The blog is a fun read because the writing style is very easy to follow. The topics are a variety of easy to read and more in depth, but overall, you will probably have fun going through the posts.
Useful Info – 10
You will certainly find a lot of practical information in the blog. If you want to learn more about health ideas and things that you can put into practice, don’t hesitate to visit!
Overall Experience – 9
Energy Medicine and Health is a personal quest for health and wellness, and readers who want to connect with a real person who is likeminded should head over to the site.



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