Allen McNulty

The blog is a gay, cat and humor blog that aims to share the humorous sides of people and things. It is authored by Allen McNulty, a gay guy who loves cats and traveling between Seattle and North Carolina. But since explicit language, adult links and NSFW items are included on the site, only internet users 18 years old and above are allowed to visit.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

This personal self-titled blog is pretty simple and thereby easy on the eyes. The white text background promotes a straightforward and uncluttered layout design and provides a stress-free browsing experience.

User Friendliness – 10

It’s fairly fast and easy to navigate around the blog as all links direct to the correct pages and blog posts can be viewed and read entirely right on the home page. There’s no need to go to each blog post as even on the home page, there’s a link that allows visitors to post a comment.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Those who love to read stories should not expect much text from this blog. The blog posts are very short while some only include an image with no descriptions or a video. Perhaps, more text blog posts and interesting stories can be added here to attract visitors.

Useful Info – 8

The gay community or the LGBT can gain insights from the site. However, other adults looking for a little humor will not be disappointed as well.

Overall Experience – 9

Visiting the blog can give one a light feeling and stress-free experience. With its simple layout design, it’s easy to go around and browse through the content. There’s room for improvement, though, if a higher traffic is an objective of the author and blog owner.

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