Journey Etc

Journey Etc
Journey Etc is a travel blog written and maintained by an ex-travel agent. Though Mircea (the blogger) does not claim to have visited everything that is written in the blog, I do think that having the experience relating to the travel industry does give the blog more authority, doesn’t it?

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Journey Etc uses a unique template with light brown as the predominant color. I think that the color scheme is pleasing to the eyes but I can’t help but feel that the layout and template could be more “travel-ish.” Having a very specific theme for the blog, it would be good for the template design to match as well. There are a lot of pictures within the blog posts, though. A little adjustment would be in order with regard to some of the formatting, however.

User Friendliness – 10
From the get go, I didn’t have any problems in this respect. The main page of Journey Etc loaded up really quickly – same thing with the individual posts. The two columns to the right also contains a lot of links which any reader would find very useful – archives, tags, categories, and related sites.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
The posts of Journey Etc are well-written in an informative tone. The language used is quite easy to understand and easy to follow as well. I just wish that the posts had a more personal tone to them, making the descriptions more – for the lack of a better term – realistic.

Useful Info – 10
Journey Etc is definitely full of useful information. From guides to cities and countries, things to do, and other travel related information such as communication tips, this blog has it all.

Overall Experience – 9
Journey Etc is a good place to go if you are planning on traveling anytime soon. You can find travel ideas and tips, which are presented by an insider from the travel industry.



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